Monkey-Rhesus GDF6 / BMP13 cDNA Clone, VALUE_

Catalog Number: LS-N564-1
Article Name: Monkey-Rhesus GDF6 / BMP13 cDNA Clone, VALUE_
Biozol Catalog Number: LS-N564-1
Supplier Catalog Number: LS-N564-1
Alternative Catalog Number: LS-N564-1
Manufacturer: LifeSpan Biosciences
Category: Molekularbiologie
Species Reactivity: Monkey
Monkey-Rhesus GDF6 / BMP13 cDNA Clone in Cloning Vector pGEM-T. Approximately 10 ug per unit.
Concentration: Worldwide
NCBI: 564
UniProt: 392255
Purity: The insert is confirmed by full-length sequencing with the sequencing primers listed.
Target: GDF6
Application Notes: Most commercially available competent cells are appropriate for propagation of the plasmid, e.g. TOP10, DH5a, and TOP10F.