(Rac)-BIO8898, CAS [[402564-79-8]]

Catalog Number: MCE-HY-122663
Article Name: (Rac)-BIO8898, CAS [[402564-79-8]]
Biozol Catalog Number: MCE-HY-122663
Supplier Catalog Number: HY-122663
Alternative Catalog Number: MCE-HY-122663-1MG,MCE-HY-122663-5MG,MCE-HY-122663-10MG
Manufacturer: MedchemExpress
Category: Biochemikalien
(Rac)-BIO8898 is a CD40-CD154 co-stimulatory interaction inhibitor. (Rac)-BIO8898 inhibits CD154 binding to CD40-Ig with an IC50 of 25 µM[1].
Molecular Weight: 909.13
Purity: 99.81
CAS Number: [402564-79-8]
Formula: C53H64N8O6
Target: TNF Receptor
Application Notes: Reference compound