trans-Zeatin-9-glucoside, CAS [51255-96-0]

Catalog Number: USB-467956
Article Name: trans-Zeatin-9-glucoside, CAS [51255-96-0]
Biozol Catalog Number: USB-467956
Supplier Catalog Number: 467956
Alternative Catalog Number: USB-467956-1,USB-467956-2
Manufacturer: US Biological
Category: Antikörper
trans-Zeatin-9-glucoside is used as an analyte in the analytical studies for acetylation of cytokinins and modified adenine compounds for gas chromatography-mass spectrometric analysis.Molecular Formula:C16H23N5O6Molecular Weight:381.38Storage an
Molecular Weight: 381,38
Purity: Highly Purified
Formula: C16H23N5O6