Antibody & Protein Sequencing

No hybridoma cell line? No problem!

Sometimes it is not possible to sequence the hybridoma cell line because it has been lost or is unavailable for some other reason.
If a sufficient amount of the monoclonal antibody is still present, the protein can also be sequenced directly.

In contrast to DNA or RNA, which only consist of four different building blocks, proteins have a more complex structure.
They consist of at least 20 different amino acids, which can also be chemically modified. The sequencing of proteins is therefore more difficult than with nucleic acids.
In the meantime, mass spectrometry has established itself as the method of choice for complete antibody sequencing.
In almost all antibody sequencing protocols, the antibody is digested into peptides with a length of about 15 to 20 amino acids. These can then be analyzed in a mass spectrometer.
Ideally, each peptide can be used to create a fragment spectrum. De novo sequencing is the process of deriving a previously unknown sequence from a fragment spectrum or a collection of spectra. In antibody sequencing, each fragment spectrum has to be interpreted and shows a part of the antibody sequence. The digestion of the antibody with different enzymes results in different cleavage patterns. This ensures that each region of the antibody produces multiple overlapping peptides. Bioinformatic algorithms reassembled the overlapping peptides into a complete antibody sequence.

At BIOZOL you can have your monoclonal antibody sequenced quickly and professionally.
We guarantee the delivery of a functional antibody sequence along with a comprehensive sequencing report with full sequence coverage.

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