Viral Transport Media

More and more reliable COVID-19 test systems are available, laboratory capacities are utilized.

And what is the safest way to transport viral samples from test spot to lab?


Sterile transport and preservation medium from Bioserv UK

BioServ's sterile transport and preservation medium is manufactured in the UK and meets CDC specifications SDR-052-02. The medium is suitable for the transport and storage of viruses, including corona viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, for subsequent IVD procedures such as ELISA and RT-qPCR.
Bioserv offers customer-specific package sizes (e.g. 4 ml - 15 ml) and filling volumes (e.g. 0.5 ml - 3 ml). The medium can be stored at room temperature for up to nine months. It is supplied in sterile vials and contains antibacterial and antimycotic reagents.

>> Bioserv Sterile Viral Transport and Preservation Medium (BIS-BSV-VTM-001)

>> Bioserv MagBead Viral RNA Lysis Buffer (BIS-CIV001/BIS-COV-002)



Primestore® MTM Molecular Transport Media from VMRD

Primestore® MTM is designed for the stabilization, transport and inactivation of infectious swab and saliva samples containing viral RNA or mycobacterial DNA. 

Easy to use: Unscrew Primestore MTM tube > insert swab with the sample > close

And so efficient: complete nuclease and protease inactivation and reliable RNA and DNA stabilization - up to 30 days at room temperature!

>> VMRD Primestore® MTM Molecular Transport Media (VMR-MOL-MTM)



Sample Collection and Viral Transport Solution CE-IVD from abm

The Viral transport solution from Applied Biological Materials (abm) is intended for safe collection, transport, and preservation of virus samples collected from naso/oropharyngeal swabs. Recommended for use with COVID-19 qRT-PCR Rapid Detection Kit (ABM-G628).

>> abm Sample Collection and Viral Transport Solution CE-IVD (ABM-G631)

>> abm COVID-19 Sample Preparation Solution (ABM-G629)