The Human Protein Atlas

Spatial proteomics in health and disease

Atlas AntibodiesWebinar: The Human Protein Atlas - Spatial proteomics in health and disease

Presented by Atlas Antibodies

Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Lindskog, Group leader at Uppsala University, Sweden, and head of the Tissue profiling team of the Human Protein Atlas



The spatial distribution of proteins determines the morphology and function of tissues, cells, and organelles, and knowledge of this spatial distribution is therefore essential to understand the healthy and diseased human body. The Human Protein Atlas (HPA) project is a large-scale initiative aiming at mapping the entire human proteome using antibody-based proteomics and integration of various other omics technologies. The publicly available knowledge resource has grown into one of the world’s most visited biological databases and contains information on different aspects of the human proteome. Recently, a large effort was put into generation of expression profiles in single cell types, with the possibility to explore mRNA and protein expression in different single cell types across all major human organs. The HPA constitutes an important resource for spatial proteomics, precision medicine efforts and further understanding of human biology, and the publicly available datasets hold much promise for integration with other emerging efforts both at transcriptomic and proteomic level.

In this webinar, Dr. Cecilia Lindskog discusses how spatial proteomics can contribute to further understanding of human biology.

You will learn:

  • How the HPA resource can be used to study mRNA and protein expression profiles across tissues, cells, and organelles
  • About the importance of stringent antibody validation for reliable protein detection
  • How integration of data across platforms and technologies allows for characterizing the human building blocks at higher resolution



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