Optimize your immunofluorescent staining

Tips to overcome background interference

Vector LaboratoriesPresented by Vector Laboratories

Speakers: Craig Pow, Ph.D., Director Market Developmen, and Susan Harrison Uy, Ph.D., Director Marketing


Explore tips to improve your immunofluorescent staining to help you achieve consistent, reliable data

Interfering background signal in immunofluorescence can hamper your ability to accurately distinguish real target antigen expression. Situations where the expected expression pattern is unknown—whether due to transient protein expression, modified expression patterns due to disease states or a treatment model, or unknown levels of target presence due to species and tissue type—increase analysis complexity. Learn how to access the clear, unambiguous view of antigen expression you need for accurate data interpretation.

Topics covered include:

  • Common causes of target signal interference
  • Controls to help you distinguish background noise from true signal
  • Ways to reduce or eliminate autofluorescence
  • Case studies of autofluorescence quenching
  • Tips to preserve your immunofluorescent signal


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