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Meet BIOZOL at the Bamberg Morphology Days 2024!

Bamberg Morphology DaysBest prospects for best training

The 25th Bamberg Morphology Days will take place from January 12-14 in Bamberg. For its 25th anniversary, the Bamberg Morphology Days are happy to take on the challenges of the present and the future in the field of cytology, laboratory technology and diagnostics with their new platform "Morpho Akademie" (Morphology Academy).


Meet BIOZOL at Booth K12!

At the BIOZOL booth (K12), our product specialist, Dr. Olaf Bartsch, will advise you on our comprensive product range for pathology and histology.


Main topics at the BIOZOL booth:


> Mutation-specific antibodies: BRAF V600E, IDH1 R132H, CALRmut, H3 K27M

> dianova: BIOZOL's Secondary Antibody Portal



We are looking forward to meeting you there!


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