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GeneTexOur partner GeneTex creates reagents for biomedical research, assay development, and in vitro diagnostics. GeneTex products are made to standards outlined in quality management systems ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016. The company is known for stringent antibody validation, to provide customers with reliable reagents and to drive life science research.


Product Reliability, Application Performance, and Enhanced Validation

With a 25-year production history, GeneTex continues to distinguish itself by emphasizing reagent validation. Poorly characterized antibodies remain an industry-wide challenge that impacts progress in the life sciences and biomedicine.

Founded by scientists for scientists, GeneTex understands that researchers expect and demand product fidelity. With that in mind, we are increasingly incorporating more Knockout/Knockdown (KO/KD) validation testing into their quality assurance (QA) regimen. KO/KD testing is a major pillar of our enhanced “Five-Pillar validation” program with the goal of demonstrating to our customers that the GeneTex reagents they purchase are worthy of their trust.



Wide Range of validated Antibodies

GeneTex' antibody range consists of over 46.000 primaries for different species and applications, including

and many more.


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