AbBy Fluor® Dyes

Antibody conjugates from Bioss

Bioss AntibodiesBioss supports your research by developing and producing first-class antibodies. The wide range of unconjugated and fluorochrome-conjugated antibodies also includes tag antibodies as well as antibodies against modified target proteins.

With the bright and stable AbBy Fluor® dyes, Bioss developed an alternative to the previously offered Alexa Fluor dyes, which covers even a wider range of options to meet their customer's needs.

Due to the great success of the proprietary AbBy Fluor® dyes, Bioss is now switching all antibody conjugates from Alexa Fluor to AbBy Fluor®. Have you not yet tested the conjugates? Take advantage of the favourable 20 µl test size and see for yourself.


Available AbBy Fluor® Conjugates

Conjugation Dye Colour (Excitation / Emission)
AbBy Fluor® 350 Blue (346 / 442)
AbBy Fluor® 405 Blue (401 / 421)
AbBy Fluor® 488 Green (499 / 519)
AbBy-Fluor® 555 Orange (553 / 568)
AbBy-Fluor® 594 Orange (590 / 617)
AbBy Fluor® 647 Red (650 / 665)
AbBy Fluor® 680 Near IR (679 / 702)
AbBy Fluor® 750 Near IR (749 / 775)



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