Fluorescent Optotracers

Visualize protein aggregates, carbohydrate structures, and bacterial ECM

Optotracing is an innovative visualization method developed by scientists for scientists ideal to use in fluorescence microscopy.

Ebba BiotechWith optotracing – using fluorescent tracer molecules – Ebba Biotech provides an innovative method for several expanding areas of research. The optotracing technology has been developed by a scientific expert team of researchers at Karolinska Institutet, Linköping University and the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Sweden and is a result of many years of cutting-edge nanoscience and organic chemistry research.

Ebba Biotech has commercialized distribution and sales of fluorescent tracer molecules.


Features of Ebba Biotech Fluorescent Optotracers:

  • volumes of 50 µl, 100 µl, 150 µl and 200 µl and as a Mix&Try Kit with 5x10 µl
  • readily taken up into cells and tissues
  • 1000-fold dilution for staining of tissue sections and 500-fold for live-cell imaging
  • non-toxic
  • photo- and thermostable
  • fast
  • accurate


Ebba Biotech supply their optotracers in three different series:

Amytracker for protein aggregates


Amytracker are fluorescent tracer molecules providing high quality visualization of protein aggregates. Using Amytracker, you can achieve reliable fluorescent staining of early, pre-fibrillar states of amyloids arising from a variety of amyloidogenic proteins or peptides in tissues from a wide range of species and perform fibrillation assays and spectrophotometric detection of protein aggregates in liquid samples.


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Carbotrace for carbohydrate structures


Carbotrace are fluorescent tracer molecules targeting carbohydrate structures. Carbotrace optotracers are designed for anatomical mapping of carbohydrate structures in plants and for non-destructive composition analysis of polysaccharides in bio-based materials and biofuels. The structure-responsive optotracer Carbotrace differentiates between different types of glycosidic linkages in carbohydrates.


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EbbaBiolight for biofilms and ECM


EbbaBiolight are fluorescent tracer molecules allowing to identify components of bacteria and bacterial extracellular matrix. Using EbbaBiolight, it is now possible to track biofilm formation in living, growing cultures in liquid and on surfaces, without using antibodies or any toxic chemicals. The molecules become highly fluorescent when bound to a target, are non-toxic, and do not interfere with bacterial growth or biofilm formation at recommended concentrations so EbbaBiolight can be added to live cultures to track bacterial growth or biofilm formation in real-time using spectrophotometric analysis.


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