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Pathologist-validated antibodies from LSBio

LSBioPathPlus™ antibodies from LifeSpan  Biosciences (LSBio) represent the highest quality reagents available for research pathology applications. These reagents were selected from among thousands of antibodies, tested in immunohistochemistry on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues to be the best performers. Each antibody has been tested on 21 human tissues, including specialized tissues such as cancers or brain regions, analyzed and compared to up to 20 different antibodies to that target by an experienced pathologist, and ranked by performance. The antibodies that showed the highest specificity and least nonspecific staining on formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissues are available for your research, designated by the PathPlus™ brand.

Whether investigating cancer biomarkers, neurodegenerative diseases, apoptotic pathways or lymphocyte subsets in immune disorders, the LSBio PathPlus™ antibodies are guaranteed to work in IHC for research pathology applications.


Cancer Research and Pathology

The LSBio PathPlus™ Cancer series of antibodies include both well-established biomarkers of cancer (Cancer Pathology markers) as well as those that are used in asking a broader series of questions about the etiology, subclassification, and pathogenesis of cancer (Cancer Molecular markers).

PathPlus(TM) Vimentin Antibody LS-B16168PathPlus™ Cancer Pathology markers are well-established, and most frequently used by anatomic pathologists for identifying and classifying cancer subtypes, determining the origin of tumors of unknown primary, for distinguishing between in situ and invasive lesions, response to specific therapies, or for prognosis and determining the proliferation rate of the tumor. They have highly specific and sensitive staining in immunohistochemistry.

PathPlus™ Cancer Molecular markers are those that are used by investigators in research laboratories who are studying novel biomarkers for genomic sub-classification of cancers, or identifying new markers to assist in diagnosis, prognosis, or monitoring for the recurrence of tumors. The Molecular markers also include those that are useful for studying mutation or translocations, cellular proliferation, the immune response to the tumor, apoptosis, or angiogenesis. This broad class of markers assists scientists who are investigating the etiology and pathogenesis of cancer.

FIG: PathPlus™ Cancer Vimentin Antibody (LS-B16168). This antibody is showing strong cytoplasmic IHC staining of Sertoli cells within seminiferous tubules of the human testis.


Neuroscience Antibodies

PathPlus™ Neuro ADGRG7 Antibody LS-A8008The LSBio PathPlus™ Neuro series of antibodies are ideal for immunohistochemistry applications in neuroscience and neurobiology.

PathPlus™ Neuro Antibodies represent the highest quality reagents available for research pathology applications. Over 800 antibodies were hand-selected from among thousands that were tested and identified to be the best performing reagents for immunohistochemical detection of over 400 high-value neuro targets in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded human tissues  Whether investigating neural development, neurodegenerative disorders or cancers of neural origin, PathPlus Neuro™ antibodies are guaranteed to perform with the highest specificity and sensitivity.

FIG: PathPlus™ Neuro ADGRG7 Antibody (LS-A8008). This antibody is showing strong staining of astrocytes and Bergmann glia in normal human brain cerebellum.


PathPlus Antibodies


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