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Known and trusted as a source for high quality assay tools for Cytokine and Interferon researchers, PBL Assay Science provides highly specific and sensitive, fit-for-purpose ELISAs, and a comprehensive line of highly active IFN proteins, and Anti-IFN antibodies. For over thirty years, PBL has focused its efforts on providing products to further scientific research.

We are excited to have partnered with PBL Assay Science and to support our research customers with these high quality assays and tools.

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PBL Assay Systems: Featured Products


Human IFN-Alpha ELISAs (All-Subtype)

As multiple IFN-Alpha subtypes are often present in biological samples, the ability to determine the total amount of IFN-Alpha is integral to a full understanding of its role within the immune system. PBL's kits are designed to provide low pg/ml sensitivity all-subtype detection (12 of 12) in various matrices: tissue culture media (TCM) only; normal & autoimmune sera, EDTA plasma and TCM. 

>> Human IFN Alpha ELISA Kit (PBL-41115-1)

Figure: Global Human IFN Alpha-Specific Signals in Lupus Patient Sera using PBL's High Sensitivity Human IFN Alpha All Subtype ELISA (41115)


Human IFN-Beta ELISAs

Highly sensitive immunoassays (< 3 pg/ml LLOQ) displaying no inhibition of IFN-Beta detection in the presence of excess sIFNAR2 protein, thus measuring "total" IFN-Beta. PBL's kits are developed to measure IFN-Beta in various matrices: tissue culture media (TCM) only; healthy and autoimmune disease sera*, plasma and TCM. *Independently validated for measurement of IFN-Beta levels in autoimmune disease sera

>> Human IFN Beta ELISA Kit (PBL-41415-1)

Figure: Levels of Interferon Beta in Normal Donor and 54 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Patient Sera on & off IFN Beta therapies quantified using PBL's High Sensitivity Human IFN Beta ELISA (41415).




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