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Pan-Cancer Markers for Proteomic Phenotyping

Cancer biomarkers serve as crucial indicators of presence, progression, and characteristics of cancer, and provide valuable diagnostic and prognostic information. While some biomarkers are specific to certain cancer types or tissues, others exhibit pan-cancer characteristics, offering insights into shared molecular features across diverse malignancies.

Pan-cancer markers contribute to the development of universal diagnostic strategies, allowing for the identification of common genetic mutations across diverse cancers, such as the detection of shared pathways implicated in tumorigenesis.

Our partner Atlas Antibodies offers over 300 primary antibodies for such pan-cancer markers, validated on human cancer tissue and cells, to support proteomic studies, complementing genomics, and unveiling additional insights into pathways and processes driving human cancer biology. With validation on 20 human cancers and numerous cancer cell lines (data available on the Human Protein Atlas portal), Atlas' primary antibodies offer comprehensive coverage and enhanced validation for reliable results. Their versatility extends to multiple applications, ensuring they meet the diverse needs of your research projects.

Until August 31st, you receive a 15 % discount on Atlas Antibodies' Pan-Cancer Markers Panel.


Join Atlas Antibodies' upcoming live webinar to learn more about the use of pan-cancer markers in preclinical drug development:

Atlas Antibodies Live Webinar

Live Webinar: A Preclinical Systematic Exploration of Tumor Cell Vulnerabilities

The capacity for data-driven science using multi-omic profiling of primary tumors and patient-derived cells to identify targets of interest for therapeutic development is vast in this modern era of computational science and artificial intelligence. Yet, candidate gene targets and drugs must be validated before entering expensive and time-consuming preclinical and clinical trials.

In this webinar, we will discuss aspects of the preclinical drug development process, from target identification, to target selection and validation. Learn about how different tumor models can be used in applications from high-throughput screening to functional genomics to benefit translational cancer research. 

Topics covered

  • Preclinical models for drug development and target validation
  • Personalized therapy beyond mutation analysis
  • Additivity vs synergy
  • A functional genomics approach to target glioblastoma invasion

Speaker: Dr. Cecilia Krona is an Uppsala University neuro-oncology program researcher with a Ph.D. in medical genetics from the University of Gothenburg.

Date and TimeThursday, May 16, 2024, 4:00 PM (CEST)

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