Webinars Spring 2022

Learn about 3D cell culture and AI designed antibodies

We invite you to join our partners Sino Biological's and Manchester BIOGEL's  upcoming scientific webinars.



Manchester BIOGEL

Innovation in 3D cell culture: creating a customizable microenvironment to replicate in vivo properties of tissues

Manchester BIOGEL is teaming up with Cell Guidance Systems to host a free webinar, covering innovation in 3D cell culture. 

Complex 3D cell culture models are increasingly used for preclinical and biomedical applications ranging from regenerative medicine to drug discovery and toxicological studies. However, current 3D models are hindered by the inability of the cellular microenvironment to fully provide the molecular cues that contribute to the fully developed cellular phenotype that is seen in-vivo. One key limitation in achieving this in-vivo-mimetic goal is recreating the sustained provision of growth factors that occurs in primary tissues within an in-vitro model using a suitable tuneable biocompatible scaffold for the maintenance of signalling pathways to drive primary, immortal and stem cells to a required phenotype and optimal cellular behaviour.

The webinar will be covering:

- The difficulties creating an in vitro cellular microenvironment that mimics in vivo conditions

-  An innovative solution, PODS®-PeptiGels®, that overcomes the limitations of present 3D models


Speakers: Dr. Dammy Olayanju & Dr. Natasha Lewis

Date: Tuesday, 5th April 2022, 4:00 pm (CEST)

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Sino Biological

AI Designed Mutation Resistant Broad Neutralization Antibodies Against Multiple SARS-CoV-2 Strains

Artificial Intelligence has the advantage of analyzing big and constantly growing data such as the dynamic genome information of a constantly evolving virus. In this study, we have applied AI technologies in the computational design of broad neutralization antibodies against over 1300 different historical SARS-CoV-2 strains with very small computational cost. The AI-designed antibodies were tested in vitro and demonstrated high potency against multiple strains in pseudo-virus and real virus neutralization assays. These AI-designed antibodies also exhibited a very high cross-binding hit rate against different RBD mutants in ELISA assay. The results shade light in future therapeutic design for pandemic preparedness. The study also indicates that there are hidden patterns in viral evolution and these patterns can be learned by AI to design antibodies against current and future mutant strains within certain evolutionary window.

Key learnings:
• AI can design antibodies with in vitro efficacy and drastically reduce the time and cost of antibody engineering such as affinity maturation.
• AI can design cross-binding antibodies against a large number of different antigen population such as viral mutant strains.
• AI can learn hidden patterns of a viral evolution process and design antibodies against future virus beyond current strains.


Speakers: Dr. Lurong Pan, Founder and CEO of AInnocence

Date: Wednesday, 6th April 2022, 8:00 pm (CEST)

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