Molecular Biology

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MoBiTec, as a leading manufacturer and provider of molecular biology research products, is part of BIOZOL since 2024 and expands our own range for molecular biology with many interesting manufacturers.

Join us in welcoming the companies Mirus Bio, AnaSpec, and Echelon Biosciences as our new partners.


Until end of April, we grant you a 10 % welcome discount.



Mirus Bio


Transfection Reagents & Nucleic Acid Labeling Tools

Mirus Bio is the leading manufacturer of transfection reagents for chemical transfection, electroporation, and viral transduction. Furthermore, they have developed a unique technology to label DNA and RNA. The Label IT® Technology is a non-enzymatic labeling method that facilitates the direct covalent attachment of either fluorescent or non-fluorescent labels to any nucleic acid using a simple one-step chemical reaction.


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Mirus Bio






R&D, GLP, and GMP Grade Products for Proteomic Research

AnaSpec is a globally recognized biotechnology company offering high-quality solutions for proteomic research to the biopharmaceutical industry, diagnostics companies, agro-food businesses, academia, and governmental institutions. AnaSpec is specialized in manufacturing of Peptides, Enzyme Assay Kits, Fluorescent Dyes, Amino Acids, and more. They expertly and routinely integrate individual product elements such as unusual amino acids, dyes, etc., to produce tailor-made solutions according to customer’s specifications.


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Echelon Biosciences


Assays and Reagents to Study Lipid Signaling Pathways

Echelon Biosciences offers the worldwide most comprehensive product range for lipid research. The company is engaged in the study of lipid signaling and critical metabolic enzymes, which provides new and viable targets for the development of potential drugs and diagnostics for cancer, diabetes, inflammation, infections, and cardiovascular disease.


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Echelon Biosciences





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