DNA/RNA Shield

Keep your samples safe!

Sample Storage at Ambient Temperature: Remove the cold chain altogether with DNA/RNA Shield sample storage.

DNA/RNA Shield from Zymo Research preserves the genetic integrity of samples at point of collection enabling high quality downstream analysis. All sample types can be stored in DNA/RNA Shield for transport at ambient temperature reducing cost and complexity.


  • Protect DNA and RNA in any biological sample without cold chain
  • Pathogen inactivation (bacteria, virus, eukaryotic)
  • Streamlined purification – Universally compatible and automatable.


DNA/RNA Shield 

DNA/RNA Shield reagent is a DNA and RNA stabilization solution for nucleic acids in any biological sample. This DNA and RNA stabilization solution preserves the genetic integrity and expression profiles of samples at ambient temperatures and completely inactivates infectious agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites). The unique DNA and RNA stabilization solution also prevents degradation from freeze-thaw cycling and unexpected freezer failures.

Available Sizes:

ZYM-R1100-50ZYM-R1100-250 DNA/RNA Shield, 50 ml / 250 ml
ZYM-R1200-25ZYM-R1200-125 DNA/RNA Shield (2X Concentrate), 25 ml / 125 ml


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DNA/RNA Shield preserves the genetic integrity of a sample at point of collection for sensitive downstream analyses (e.g., Next-Gen Sequencing, RT-PCR, etc.). Any sample type can be stored in DNA/RNA Shield for transport at ambient temperature, even in the most extreme conditions.


Easy sample processing

DNA or RNA can be isolated directly from the sample without precipitation/removal of reagents. All samples stabilized in DNA/RNA Shield™ are compatible with most workflows (e.g., Qiagen, Roche, Thermo-Fisher) and for direct input into high-throughput processing (e.g., Hamilton, Tecan, bioMérieux, PerkinElmer, Eppendorf, Promega, Opentrons).

Easy sample purification

Zymo Research offers a comprehensive portfolio of DNA/RNA purification kits for this purpose.

Recommended Purification Kits:

  Cells Viral Microbial

Quick-DNA Plus Kits 

ZYM-D4068 (Column)

ZYM-D4081 (Magbead) 

Quick-DNA Viral Kit 




ZYM-D4300 (Column)

ZYM-D4302 (Magbead)


Quick-RNA Miniprep Plus Kit 


Quick-RNA Viral Kit 


ZymoBIOMICS RNA Miniprep Kit 



Quick-DNA/RNA Kits  

ZYM-D7001 (Column)

ZYM-R2130 (Magbead)

Quick-DNA/RNA Viral Kit 

ZYM-D7020 (Column)

ZYM-R2140 (Magbead)

ZymoBIOMICS DNA/ RNA Miniprep Kit 



Easy sampling

A wide range of accessories for sample collection (tubes with swabs, tubes with e.g. scoops for different sample material, tubes for saliva samples, blood, urine, etc.) is also available from Zymo Research.

Recommended DNA/RNA Shield Collection Devices:

Tube with swab

R1106 / R1108 / R1107 / R1109

R1107-E / R1109-E

Fecal collection tube R1101 R1101-E
Saliva collection kit R1210 R1210-E
Blood collection tube R1150  
Lysis Tubes

R1102 / R1103 / R1104R1105

Urine conditioning buffer D3061-1-8 / D3061-1-140  


Some of these devices are FDA EUA & CE IVD Certified and suitable for the FDA EUA SARS-CoV-2 workflow, which includes sample collection, viral RNA extraction and Covid-19 detection by qPCR


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