Free Blocking-Sera

Test Sera for Immunohistochemistry Blocking

Under the HISTOPRIME brand, BIOZOL now offers not only high-quality, validated antibodies, but also suitable blocking sera for immunohistochemistry.


 - Test serums now free of charge -


Please tell us the catalog number and the manufacturer of the serum you are using so far and you will receive 2 ml of the corresponding Histoprime serum from us for free if you quote the offer code "FREEBLOCK"


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  Order Number Product Description


HISTOPRIME Normal Goat Serum


HISTOPRIME Normal Donkey Serum


HISTOPRIME Normal Horse Serum


HISTOPRIME Normal Mouse Serum

More species available on request.


Our sera offer the following advantages:


  • IHC tested (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded and frozen sections)
  • Manufactured in Germany
  • Available from stock
  • Heat treated at 56°C
  • Customized filling and pre-treatment


When placing your order, please include the special offer number "FREEBLOCK" as well as the order number and manufacturer from which you previously purchased your serum. Orders without an offer number cannot be discounted. Discount applies to our list prices and cannot be combined with any other promotion or special offer. Valid while supplies last.


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