Innovative molecular and immunodiagnostic products

American Laboratory Products Company (ALPCO) was founded in 1991 as an importer and distributor of immunoassay-based products for the North American life science markets. ALPCO is a leading global developer and provider of innovative molecular and immunodiagnostic products focused on infectious and gastroenterological diseases. ALPCO is known as a trusted partner creating value for research and clinical laboratories with high-quality, user-friendly, reliable and accurate solutions.

In April of 2022, ALPCO merged with GeneProof. GeneProof is an established market leader in the molecular diagnostics field. Primarily focused on infectious and genetic diseases, GeneProof offers technologically advanced real-time PCR kits and user-friendly automated instrument platforms for both nucleic acid extraction and sample-to-answer testing that meet the diverse throughput needs of laboratories.


Life Science Solutions:

  • Diabetes & Obesity: immunoassays for diabetes and related research optimized for multiple species and workflows
  • Immunology: immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics to investigate infections occurring when the immune system is compromised or suppressed
  • Endocrinology: 100+ immunoassays measuring endocrine system hormones available with plate-based options to meet your workflow needs


Clinical Diagnostics Solutions:

  • Specialty Allergy: exclusive platforms and products for the detection of allergen sensitization
  • Gastroenterology: multiple platform solutions for infectious diseases, cancers, inflammatory diseases, and non-IgE food intolerances
  • Infectious Disease: molecular solutions for the detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), respiratory viruses, thrombotic mutations, and blood-borne diseases
  • Immunology: immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostic assays



  • Molecular Diagnostics Assays & Instrumentation
  • Flash Chemiluminescence Immunoassays & Instrumentation
  • Multiplex Allergy Platform
  • Multiplex Biomarker Platform
  • ELISA Instrumentation and kits

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