Magnetic Beads for Separation of Biomolecules

magtivio BV is an independent producer of magnetic micro- and nano particles and complete kits for R&D life science and (bio-)analytical processes. magtivio designs, develops, and manufactures superparamagnetic and ferrimagnetic silica-enclosed iron-oxide magnetic beads. One benefit of their beads is low magnetic remanence - the remaining magnetization of the beads themselves after a magnetic field has been applied on them. Further features are the ease of resuspension and low sedimentation rates. Terminal functionalized groups can be connected to the silica coating of the beads.


Product Range:

  • Nucleic Acid Purification and DNA Clean-Up
  • Immunoassays
  • Protein Analysis
  • LCMS Sample Prep
  • SafeQ Saliva Collection Kit
  • Magnetic Separators
  • rQ | Automation-ready-to-use-kits
  • PurePrep instruments, disposables and service options


magtivio – Magnetic Sample Preparation Solutions for Life Sciences

magtivio is a producer of magnetic micro- and nanoparticles and complete kits for R&D life sciences and (bio-)analytical processes. They design, develop and manufacture two types of silica enclosed iron oxides magnetic beads:

  • Superparamagnetic - Designed in a composite, porous structure. These are easy to resuspend and exhibit low sedimentation rates.
  • Ferromagnetic - Manufactured with a relatively dense core-shell structure. This bead type has strong magnetic properties, making it more suited for large volume and viscous samples.

Terminal functionalized groups can be connected to the silica coating of both magnetic bead types.

magtivio’s magnetic beads and kits, available under the brand names MagSi and MagSiMUS, can be used for different modes of selection:


Positive Selection (MagSi)

The classic bind-wash-elute/react principle. Biological molecules are bound to the surface of the beads, contaminants are washed away while the beads are held to a magnet, after which the molecules of interest are eluted from the beads again. The purified, biological molecules (often DNA or RNA) are now ready for downstream processing. Alternatively, this positive selection mode can also be used in e.g., immunoassays.


Negative Selection (Depletion) (MagSiMUS)

Contaminants in the sample are precipitated towards the magnetic beads’ surface, while the biological molecules/analytes of interest remain behind in the supernatant for further analysis.



Main areas of application include nucleic acid purification, immunoassays and protein analysis. Their products are suitable for high-throughput utilization.

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