Antibody and Protein Conjugation

Conjugate your antibody or protein with a wide range of different tags

Antibody and protein conjugation, also known as antibody and protein labeling, describes the modification of antibodies or proteins by the attachment of specific tags.  like enzymes, fluorescent proteins, fluorescent dyes, biotin and strepatividin and different particles. These tags allow directly or indirectly the specific detection of the conjugated antibody or protein and in the case of conjugated antibodies the specific detection of the antigen. Due to this new property, labeled proteins can be used e.g. in localization studies, for compound quantification or monitoring of biological processes.  Conjugated antibodies are indispensable in various applications like immunohistochemistry, western blotting, flow cytometry, immuno-PCR and many more.

Finally, a direct detection of your primary antibody may eliminate the need of an additional secondary antibody. This can make several washing and incubation steps of your protocol superfluous and avoids juggling with multiple secondary antibodies in visualization studies or flow cytometry experiments with multiple markers.
You look for a specific tag for an antibody or protein distributed by BIOZOL? Or do you need a custom conjugation service for your own antibody or protein?

In all cases BIOZOL provides an affordable, high-quality custom antibody and protein conjugation service. Our partner companies in our worldwide network have outstanding expertise in customized conjugation of antibodies and proteins with a wide range of different tags like Enzymes, Fluorescent proteins, Fluorescent dyes, Biotin, Streptavidin, Latex beads, Gold particles, Oliogonucleotides, Magnetic beads, Europium particles

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