Hybridoma Sequencing Service

Give immortality to your antibody

Hybridoma cell lines are the result of a fusion of a B lymphocyte with a myeloma or thymoma cell. Hybridoma cells thus combine the properties of lymphocytes with the immortality of tumour cells. However, the tumour cell used must not express any antibodies. The B-cell hybridoma cell line resulting from the fusion is suitable as a classical source of monoclonal antibodies with defined specificity. Due to their immortality they are now able to produce monoclonal antibodies in large quantities.
Hybridoma sequencing involves the sequencing of cDNA encoding the variable heavy (VH) and light (VL) domains of your hybridoma cell line.

After sequencing, you will be able to recombinantly reproduce your antibody should your hybridoma line be lost.
It is also possible to convert your antibody into any species, isotype or format and to patent the sequence of the unique variable domain.

At BIOZOL you can have your hybridoma cell line sequenced quickly and professionally.
Even if your hybridoma is contaminated or unproductive, in many cases we can obtain your antibody for recombinant reproduction.

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