Polyclonal Antibody Sequencing

Create your reproducible, polyclonal reagent

In cooperation with our partners you have the possibility to use a polyclonal antibody sequencing service at BIOZOL. With this service you have the possibility to create a reproducible, polyclonal reagent of defined content or to use the native immune system to identify new antibody candidates.

Polyclonal antibodies are antibodies that are directed against the same antigen but against different epitopes. Any natural infection or immunization leads to a polyclonal immune response by multiple clones of B-lymphocytes. The polyclonal reagent designates a mix of individual polyclonal antibodies. The antiserum is again a liquid phase of coagulated blood of an organism, which is cell-free but contains antibodies of different specificity and other serum proteins. If the immunisation of the organism was carried out with a certain antigen, the antiserum contains antibodies against various immunogenic epitopes of the antigen.

For this service you can send us antiserum or B cells from your immunized host organism.
We are also happy to support you with the immunization. Simply provide us with purified antigen or send us information about your target and we will take care of the procurement of the suitable antigen.
If you use one of these options, we will provide up to 10 heavy chain sequences and 10 light chain sequences selected by our discovery engine and an extended repertoire with proteomic detection in an interactive report, as well as antibody characterization data obtained from our partner.

Antibody engineering into any species and isotype is also possible on request.
This service is 100% royalty free.

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