Viral Sample Processing

RNA/DNA Extraction kits

To get the best start to process your samples we offer products to concentrate and homogenize your virus samples as well as for extraction and purification of viral RNA and DNA.



Zymo Research provides viral RNA extraction kits based on their approved Zymo-Spin™ IC Columns and a Quick-DNA/RNA Viral MagBead kit designed for high-throughput purification of viral DNA and/or RNA.

>> Quick-RNA Viral Kit w/ Zymo-Spin™ IC Columns (Art.-Nr. ZYM-R1034)

>> Quick-RNA Viral 96 Kit (Art.-Nr. ZYM-R1040)

>> Quick-DNA/RNA™ Viral MagBead (Art.-Nr. ZYM-R2140)


 The Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin columns quickly and efficiently homogenises cells and tissue lysates in a single step. They are a perfect alternative to syringe & needle or rotor-stator homogenization homogenisation and ideal sample preparation for nucleic acid miniprep and midiprep,or protein purification. To get the best start to your experiments the Homogenizer Spin Column provides a fast procedure for downstream RNA extraction in minutes. The Chromatrap® Homogenizer Spin Column is compatible with all manual RNA extraction procedures.

>> Chromatrap Homogeniser Spin Column (CTR-500289)



 The Biorbyt Viral RNA+DNA Preparation Kit is designed for rapid and effective isolation of RNA and DNA via spin columns from a variety of pathogen organisms such as virus or bacteria. Samples can be fresh or frozen   plasma/blood (treated  with anticoagulants excepted heparin), serum, other cell free body fluids or pathogen-infected tissue. The Kit is specifically designed to isolate high-quality nucleic acids using low elution volumes and allowing sensitive downstream analysis including quantitative PCR and RT-PCR.

 >> Viral RNA+DNA Preparation Kit (BYT-ORB653796)



Astra Biotech's DNA/RNA Extraction Kits are designed for the simultaneous isolation of viral, bacterial and human DNA and RNA from clinical samples. The nucleic acids obtained are suitable for further nucleic acid amplification tests such as reverse transcription and real-time PCR.

>> Prime DNA/RNA Extraction kit - CE IVD 100 extractions (Art.-Nr. ATB-80-07)

>> Magnetic DNA/RNA Extraction kit - CE IVD 100 extractions (Art.-Nr. ATB-80-06)



The OZ Biosciences Mag4C Kits are designed for magnetic virus concentration. The kits are specifically developed for capturing, concentrating and storing adenoviruses and lentiviruses. Subject to own testing, the kits are also suitable for the isolation of corona viruses. The kits is composed of 3 reagents allowing magnetic capture/concentration, elution and conservation of viruses. Thie kits need to be used with a magnetic separation rack like MAGNETIC SEPARATION RACK and MagID Magnetic Device.

 >> Mag4C LV Kit (OZB-LKC11000)
 >> Mag4C AD Kit (OZB-AKC11000)



Beside we can offer you sterile viral transport and preservation media from quality suppliers:

>> Viral Transport Media


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