Bio X Cell InVivoSIM™

Biosimilar monoclonal antibodies - with 15% discount

Bio X CellBio X Cell InVivoSIM™ non-therapeutic antibodies are research-grade biosimilar monoclonal antibodies that have the same active biological component as the original therapeutic antibodies. Biosimilars make it possible to study the biological effects of a drug without the need to source an expensive pharmaceutical-grade therapeutic.


Features of Bio X Cell InVivoSIM™ antibodies:

  • greater than 95% purity
  • free of preservatives, stabilizers, and carrier proteins
  • screened for murine pathogens and protein aggregation
  • binding validation via immunoblot
  • less than 1 endotoxin unit per milligram guaranteed


InVivoSIM™ antibodies are for Research Use Only (RUO) and are not for therapeutic use.

Art. Nr. Product Name Applications
BXC-SIM0001 InVivoSIM™ anti-human TNFα (Adalimumab Biosimilar) TNFα neutralization; FC, ELISA; IF; IP; IHC; WB
BXC-SIM0002 InVivoSIM™ anti-human EGFR (Cetuximab Biosimilar) GFR blockade; ELISA; FC
BXC-SIM0003 InVivoSIM™ anti-human PD-1 (Nivolumab Biosimilar) Blocking of PD-1/PD-L signaling; FC; IHC; WB
BXC-SIM0004 InVivoSIM™ anti-human CTLA-4 (Ipilimumab Biosimilar) CTLA-4 neutralization; FC; ELISA; WB
BXC-SIM0005 InVivoSIM™ anti-human HER2 (Trastuzumab Biosimilar) FC; ELISA; IHC; WB
BXC-SIM0006 InVivoSIM™ anti-human TNFα (Infliximab Biosimilar) TNFα neutralization; FC; ELISA; WB
BXC-SIM0007 InVivoSIM™ anti-human VEGF (Bevacizumab Biosimilar) VEGF neutralization; FC; ELISA; IP
BXC-SIM0008 InVivoSIM™ anti-human CD20 (Rituximab Biosimilar) FC; ELISA; WB
BXC-SIM0009 InVivoSIM™ anti-human PD-L1 (Atezolizumab Biosimilar) FC; WB
BXC-SIM0010 InVivoSIM™ anti-human PD-1 (Pembrolizumab Biosimilar) FA
BXC-SIM0011 InVivoSIM™ anti-human C5 (Eculizumab Biosimilar) FA, ELISA, IP
BXC-SIM0012 InVivoSIM™ anti-human VEGFR-2 (Ramucirumab Biosimilar) FA, IHC, FC
BXC-SIM0013 InVivoSIM™ anti-human IL-17A (Secukinumab Biosimilar) FA, ELISA, IF, IHC, FC
BXC-SIM0014 InVivoSIM™ anti-human IL-6R (Tocilizumab Biosimilar) FA, ELISA
BXC-SIM0015 InVivoSIM™ anti-human LAG-3 (Relatlimab Biosimilar) ELISA
BXC-SIM0016 InVivoSIM™ anti-human IgE (Omalizumab Biosimilar) ELISA, FC



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