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The reliability of lateral flow assays, as used in antibody and antigen rapid test kits, and pregnancy tests i.a., depends on the quality of the components used. Our partner NanoComposix is a global leader in this field and supplies a wide range of components for assay development and research not only for lateral flow assay developement but also for Plasmonics, Diagnostics, Biosensors, & Drug Delivery. One focal point of the product range are Gold Nanoparticles.

Since 2004, nanoComposix has provided monodisperse and unagglomerated metal and metal-oxide nanomaterials to thousands of customers. Hundreds of different variants of material, size, shape, and surface are available as stock products and they have produced over 2000 custom core/shell, biofunctionalized, fluorescent, and magnetic nanocomposites to meet client specifications.


Gold Nanoparticles

nanoComposix has one of the world’s largest libraries of precisely engineered and highly characterized gold nanoparticles including:


NanoXact Nanoparticles

NanoXact is our original product brand and has the widest selection of materials and surface types, like silica shelled, dried or bimetallic i.a.. The benefits of NanoXact are:


  • High purity and aggregation-free
  • Extensive characterization sheet including TEM, UV-Vis, and DLS for each lot
  • Size ranges from 5–1000 nm with CVs typically less than 15%
  • Available with a wide variety of surfaces. 

>> NanoXact Gold Nanoparticles


BioPure Purified & Sterile Nanoparticles

BioPure nanoparticles are unagglomerated and highly characterized nanoparticles that are tailored for use in biological assays. BioPure particles have the following advantages:

  • Extensively washed to remove residual reactants
  • Guaranteed sterile and endotoxin-free
  • Highly concentrated

>> BioPure Gold Nanospheres


BioReady: Conjugation-Ready Nanoparticles

BioReady nanoparticles are optimized for binding biomolecules to the nanoparticle surface. The nanoparticle conjugates are used in rapid diagnostic testing and sensing applications such as lateral flow immunoassays. To make a reporter particle selection follow these guidelines:


  • For the highest sensitivity in rapid diagnostic tests use 150 nm carboxyl gold nanoshells for covalent binding to proteins.
  • If you just need the increased stability, reduced antibody costs, higher sample matrix stability, and more reproducible conjugates provided by covalent binding chemistry use 40 nm or 80 nm carboxyl gold nanoparticles

We always recommend starting with our conjugation kits since they include all of the components necessary for rapid success.

>> BioReady Gold Nanoparticles

>> BioReady Conjugation Kits

>> BioReady Gold Nanoshells with Citrate for passive conjugation

NEW: BioReady Protein G and Anti-Human IgG Gold Conjugates for lateral flow assay (LFA) development: convenient, high affinity binding to immunoglobulin G (IgG).


Ultra Uniform Highly Monodisperse Nanoparticles

For applications requiring the highest uniformity in size and shape, Nanocomposix' Ultra Uniform gold nanoparticles have a nearly perfect spherical shape, smooth surfaces, and impressively narrow size distributions (CV < 5%). The particles are used as reference standards for size and number, for TEM calibration and as biological labels.

Ultra Uniform

  • Ultra narrow size distribution  aggregation free
  • Extensively characterized
  • Available in diameters of 10, 30, 50 and 100 nm, provided at a concentration of 0.05 mg/mL in a 2 mM sodium citrate solution

>> Ultra Uniform gold nanospheres



Nanorod Nanoparticles

Surface plasmon resonant (SPR) nanoparticles consisting of a nanoscale silica core surrounded by an ultra-thin gold shell, and available at peak resonances from 660–980 nm.

NanoComposix’s gold nanorods are surface plasmon resonant (SPR) rod-shaped nanoparticles with narrow size distributions and uniform shape. The gold nanorods have absorption peaks that are tunable throughout the visible and short wave near-infrared (SWNIR) regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. The used purification methods remove ammonium surfactants used during synthesis and replace it with citrate, producing a stable, easily displaceable surface chemistry to use as a base for functionalization with a wide variety of molecules (silica, DNA, antibodies, etc.). Also available are PEG-functionalized nanorods, as well as carboxyl-terminated surfaces for bioconjugation.

>> Browse Gold Nanorods


Nanoshell Nanoparticles

Nanoshells are Surface Plasmon Resonant (SPR) nanoparticles with tunable aspect ratios, and available at peak resonances from 660–980 nm.

Gold nanoshells consist of a silica core surrounded by a gold shell. By changing the ratio of the size of the core to the thickness of the shell, the plasmon resonance can be tuned across the visible and infrared.

  • BioReady gold nanoshells are ultrabright reporter particles for molecular diagnostics. Proteins can be covalently bound to the surface of carboxyl gold nanoshells using EDC/NHS chemistry.
  • NanoXact gold nanoshells are available with carboxyl, PEG and PVP surface functionalization.

>> Browse Gold Nanoshells


Custom Particles and Lateral Flow Assay Product Development Service

Whether you are a global IVD company or a virtual start-up, developing and commercializing a lateral flow assay can present many challenges. Maybe you’re not able to achieve the clinically relevant range of your analyte, require extra manufacturing capacity to meet increased demand, or have a concept for an assay but need a trusted, experienced partner to make it a reality.

Nanocomposix is a full-service lateral flow development company specializing in the design and manufacture of ultra-sensitive quantitative diagnostic assays. Services span all phases of the development cycle from feasibility to manufacturing. Nanocomposix also offer industry-leading technologies for increasing assay sensitivity as well as starter kits to help you build and optimize your lateral flow assay.

Fill out our Service Request form and we will provide you with a quote.



Further Information:

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