Cytokine storm in COVID-19

Cytokines and cytokine detection

The severity of COVID-19 disease, according to current knowledge, is more strongly determined by an overreaction of the coagulation and immune system than by the virus itself.
Patients with severe COVID-19 infection may develop a cytokine release syndrome (CRS), also known as hyperinflammation or cytokine storm, which is characterized by a significant increase in pro-inflammatory cytokines such as IL-6, IL-1ß, IL-2R, IL-8, TNF-α. CRS is one of the most common complications of COVID-19 and is associated with high morbidity. The early detection of hyperinflammation in COVID-19 is of crucial importance. Immunomodulation methods provide a promising therapeutic approach.

Our portfolio includes a wide range of assays for cytokine detection, as well as cytokines of highest quality for your research.


BioVendor Human ELISA Kits


BioVision Human ELISA Kits for Cytokine Storm

  • Ferritin (human) ELISA Kit, Art.-Nr. BIV-K7420
  • IL-10 (Human) ELISA Kit, Art.-Nr. BIV-K4167
  • IL-6 (human) ELISA Kit, Art.-Nr. BIV-K4143
  • TNF-alpha (Human) ELISA Kit, Art.-Nr. BIV-E4603


BioLegend LegendPlex Multiassay

BioLegend's Human Cytokine Panel 2 is a multiplex bead-based assay panel, using fluorescence–encoded beads suitable for use on various flow cytometers. This panel allows simultaneous quantification of 13 human cytokines, including TSLP, IL-1α, IL-1β, GM-CSF, IFN-α2, IL-23, IL-12p40, IL-12p70, IL-15, IL-18, IL-11, IL-27, and IL-33.

>> BioLegend LegendPlex Human Cytokine Panel 2 (BLD-740102)

>> BioLegend Webinar Cytokine Storm in COVID-19


Cusabio animal-free cytokines

Cusabio provides a range of animal free cytokines covering most of the factors commonly used in cell culture.

>> Further information on Cusabio's Animal Free Cytokines


New BIOZOL Partner: Qkine

Do you already know our newest BIOZOL partner Qkine? Qkine develops and manufactures the highest purity, most reliable growth factors, cytokines and other novel proteins, manufactured in a dedicated animal-derived component free (ADCF) laboratory, following very strict and robust quality criteria, with rigorous purity and bioactivity testing conducted on every batch.

>> Qkine profile and portfolio


New BIOZOL Partner: Peprotech

PeproTech creates the building blocks of your life science research by manufacturing high-quality products that advance scientific discovery and human health.  Since 1988, they have grown into a global enterprise with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in the US, and offices around the world. With over 2,000 products, focus on cytokines and related products, PeproTech has developed and refined innovative protocols to ensure quality, reliability and consistency. 

>> Peprotech profile and portfolio


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