Cell Culture

Cusabio's Animal Free Cytokines

Our partner Cusabio provides a range of animal free cytokines covering most of the factors commonly used in cell culture.

Feature of the Cusabio Animal Free Cytokines:

1. Animal Free

  • Without animal-derived pathogens in the culture system, it is the best choice to clinical cell culture.
  • Without xenogeneic rejection and allergic reactions, it is more suitable for in vivo experiments.
  • Without the interference of animal proteins and hormones, the experimental results can be more stable and reliable.

2. Low Endotoxin

  • Endotoxin Level 0.1 EU/μg
  • Endotoxin levels as low as 0.01 EU/μg for customers with special needs

3. High Activity

Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSB-AP002081HU)

Blue Curve CUSABIO Recombinant Human GM-CSF, ED50=0.0175 ng/mL
Red Curve xx Company Recombinant Human GM-CSF, ED50=0.0244 ng/mL


4. High Purity

Recombinant Human GM-CSF (CSB-AP002081HU)


5. Good Stability

Recombinant Human IL-4 (CSB-AP001691HU)


Selected Cusabio Cytokines for Cell Culture:

CIK (Cytokine-induced Killer Cell)

Target Code Source Tag Info
Human IFN-γ CSB-AP004201HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human SCF CSB-AP002061HU E.Coli Tag-Free

DC (Dendritic Cell)

Target Code Source Tag Info
Human CD40 Ligand CSB-AP002211HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human GM-CSF CSB-AP002081HU E.Coli Tag-Free

NSC (Neural Stem Cell)

Target Code Source Tag Info
Human CNTF CSB-AP002841HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human FGF-8 CSB-AP004031HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human GDNF CSB-AP002881HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human BMP-2 CSB-AP002981HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human β-NGF CSB-AP003771HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human Galectin-1 CSB-AP000471HU E.Coli Tag-Free

HSC (Hematopoietic Stem Cell)

Target Code Source Tag Info
Human GM-CSF CSB-AP002081HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human Shh CSB-AP000371HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human TPO CSB-AP003971HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human VEGF CSB-AP002591HU E.Coli Tag-Free

ESC (Embryonic Stem Cell)

Target Code Source Tag Info
Human Activin A CSB-AP005361HU Mammalian cell C-terminal 6xHis-tagged
Human BAFF CSB-AP002191HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human TGF-β1 CSB-AP003861HU Mammalian cell Tag-Free
Human FGF-4 CSB-AP002411HU E.Coli Tag-Free
Human Noggin CSB-AP003011HU E.Coli Tag-Free


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