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Biotium's highly experienced chemists and biologists are passionate about developing novel fluorescent dyes and products to drive breakthroughs in life science and medical research.

Products Range:

- Antibody & Protein Labeling Kits
- Primary Antibodies
- Secondary Antibodies, Anti-Tag Antibodies, & Streptavidin Conjugates
- Flow Cytometry Accessory Products
- PCR & Molecular Biology
- Dyes & Biotinylation Reagents
- Luciferase Reporter Gene Assays
- Fluorescent Proteins, Nucleotides & other conjugates
- Enzyme Substrates
- Protein Detection & Analysis
- DNA Gel Stains & Accessories
- Calcium, Chloride, pH, Zinc & other indicators
- Cell & Organelle Stains
- In Vivo Imaging
- Apoptosis & Viability Assays

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