Products for cellular biology

MBL International Corporation (MBLI) is a leading life science company focused on providing high quality, innovative, solutions-based products for both life science research and clinical diagnostics. MBLI develops, manufactures, and markets a broad portfolio of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies, MHC tetramers, fluorescent and recombinant proteins and ELISA kits for research related to allergy, apoptosis, autophagy, cancer, epigenetics, immunology, and neuroscience.

Mono- and polyclonal antibodies:
for the research areas apoptosis, signal transduction, cellular stress, cell surface marker, cytokines & growth factors, neurobiology, cancer & cell proliferation, allergy & immunology, GPCR, Tags

Natural and recombinant antigens

CoralHue™ products:
Fluorescent protein vectors Azami Green, Dronpa Green, Kikume Green, Kusabira Orange, Keima Red, Midoriishi Cyan, Kaede Azami Green-, Kaede- and Kusabira Orange antibodies

Patented MHC Tetramers
for direct detection of antigen-specific T cells

GeneBlocker™ pGB siRNA vectors

Apoptosis-Inducer, Substrates & Inhibitors:
Camptothecin, Etoposides u.a.
Caspase substrates and inhibitors JNK and HDAC inhibitors

Kinase Assay Kits:
ROCK, cGMP Dependent Kinase, Checkpoint Kinase, Plk1, MAPKAP-Kinase 2, AKT/PKB-Kinase, Cdc2-Cyclin B Kinase, Aurora A Kinase


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