Antibodies and reagents for research and routine

Founded in 1982 to provide researchers with tools that were not readily available from other commercial sources, SouthernBiotech has remained a steadfast, high-quality source of secondary antibodies. Over the years at Southern Biotech they have expanded their product line to meet researchers’ changing needs. What has not changed is their commitment to customer success.

By producing secondary antibodies, then primary antibodies, and additional immunoreagents that have been proven through numerous publications over the years, providing rapid and extensive customer support, and offering fully customizable services to ensure your needs are met, SouthernBiotech demonstrates how serious they are about their success.

Small enough to be nimble and responsive, large enough to fulfill expansive manufacturing needs, SouthernBiotech is steadfastly at your side, ensuring your success.

SouthernBiotech is ISO accredited.

Secondary antibodies and reagents:

- polyclonal antibodies against mouse, human, rat, hamster, rabbit, cattle, horse, cat, dog, Guinea pig, chicken, turkey, rhesus monkey, sheep, goat, streptavidin, Neutralite™ avidin
- monoclonal antibodies against human, rhesus monkey, chicken, hamster, mouse, rat, goat, rabbit
- species-specific antibodies against rhesus monkey, mouse, goat, rabbit
- isotype controls for  mouse, human, rat, hamster, rabbit, dog, chicken, monkey, sheep, goat

Monoclonal primary antibodies:

- against cell surface markers like CD-markers, T cell receptors, MHC Antigens, immunoglobuline-isotopes (anti human, mouse, cat, pig, rabbit, chicken)
- for the areas epigenetics, apoptosis, inflammation, signal transduction

Conjugates: FITC, TRITC, Texasred, Spectral Red™, Cy5, PE, PE/Cy5.5, PE/Cy7, APC, Biotin, AP, HRP, ß-Galactosidase, LE/AF


Hybridoma screening kit and Fluoromount-G™


Purified ECM proteins and antibodies

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