Vector Biolabs

The Most Referenced Gene Delivery Company

Vector Biolabs a biotechnology company focused on developing robust gene delivery products through use of proprietary technologies.  Founded in 2004 on the University of Pennsylvania campus, Vector Biolabs quickly established theirselves as the leading CMO in viral vector production.  Since then, they have constructed and amplified thousands of AAVs and adenoviruses.  Their lab has worked with hundreds of facilities spanning over twenty-five countries to provide researchers with high quality viral vectors, using Adenoviruses and Adeno-Associated Viruses.  Their products and services have been directly referenced in more than one thousand peer-reviewed papers, which makes Vector Biolabs “The Most Referenced Gene Delivery Company” in the industry.
At Vector Biolabs, they are dedicated to providing the scientific community with only the highest quality products, services, and technical support.

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