Flow Cytometry

Research and Diagnostics

At BIOZOL you get everything you need for flow cytometry in research or diagnostics. From cell separation and calibration to reliable antibody conjugates and panels or ready-to-use cytometry kits - benefit from the many years of experience and expertise of our partner companies.


lymphocyte separation via density gradientCell Separation

Our cell separation media allow the fast and easy isolation of mononuclear cells from human peripheral blood (PBMCs) via density gradient centrifugation. The resulting cell population consists of viable nonselective lymphocytes that are suitable for use in flow cytometry or functional assays.

Product description Size Art. Nr.

Linaris FicoLite-H (Human) Cell separation medium;

Density 1.077 g/ml ±0.001 290 mOs/kg/H2O±10, RUO

500 ml LIN-GTF1511KYA

Cedarlane Lympholyte-H (Human) Cell Separation Media, 

1.0770 ± 0.001 @ 25°C, g/ml, liquid, IVD

5 x 30 mL CED-CL5010
100 ml CED-CL5015
6 x 100 ml CED-CL5016
500 ml CED-CL5020
6 x 500 ml CED-CL5026

Lympholyte Cell Separation Media are also available for mouse, rabbit, rat, and mammal cells.



Calibration with SPHERO calibration particlesCalibration and Performance Tracking

SPHERO™ Calibration Particles from Spherotech are versatile, stable, economical and convenient to use. These particles contain a mixture of fluorochrome which are spectrally similar to many of the fluorochromes used in flow cytometry. As a result, they are used for routine alignment, day-to-day performance verification and long term performance tracking of several channels of flow cytometers in one run.

Available SPHERO Calibration Particles:

Learn more about calibration and performance tracking in the SpheroTechnical Notes #8.



Antibody Conjugates and Staining Panels

With help of our worldwide supplier and service network, we can provide you with literally any antibody conjugate you may need. Contact us via our inquiry form, and we will be pleased to advise you. 

Our selected partners for flow cytometry antibody conjugates, ready to use staining panels and in vivo functional antibodies include renowned brands such as:

BioLegend Bio X Cell Caprico Biotechnologies


IQ Products

Under our own brand dianova, you find a range of high-quality and much cited antibodies for pathology, around 500 of them suitable for flow cytometry

Highlight: Anti-Fibroblasten (CD90) (Hu) from Mouse [AS02]

Art. Nr. Product description
DNA-DIA-100 Anti-Fibroblasten (CD90) (Hu) [AS02] -  IgG1, Mouse, Monoclonal, Unconjugated
DNA-DIA-120 Anti-Fibroblasten (CD90) (Hu) [AS02] -  IgG1, Mouse, Monoclonal, FITC


If you need a specific antibody or a less common fluorescent dye, you can also easily prepare your own conjugates with our partner Biotium's antibody labeling kits.



Flow Cytometry Kits

FIX&PERM Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit

Intracellular staining of protein biomarkers using antibodies  in flow cytometry has opened up a diversity of new options for phenotypic and functional characterisation of cells in both research and clinical diagnosis. Indeed, definitive phenotypic identification of certain cell types can require labelling of both cell surface and intracellular markers. With FIX&PERM Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit from Nordic-MUBio, you mildly fix your cells, preserving their flow cytometric scatter characteristics and making them accessible for intracellular markers.

Product description Size Art. Nr.

FIX&PERM Cell Fixation and Permeabilization Kit (CE)

8 x 5 ml NMB-GAS-002
2 x 100 ml NMB-GAS-002-1


BioLegend LEGENDplex Assays


BioLegend’s LEGENDplex™ bead-based immunoassays quantify multiple soluble analytes simultaneously in biological samples using a flow cytometer. LEGENDplex kits are provided as predefined panels, ranging from 3 to 14 specificities, or customers can mix and match any subset within each predefined panel using BioLegend's Mix and Match system.
Each kit provides sufficient reagents for at least 100 tests. The assay can be performed in a 96-well filter plate, allowing you to run 40 samples plus 8 standard curve titrations in duplicate, or they can be performed in FACS tubes, where duplicate titrations may not be necessary.


Exbio FlowEx Kits for Research and Diagnostics

ExbioFlowEx Kits from Exbio for are intended for detection of specific cell populations in human blood via flow cytometry. 

Art. Nr. Product description Intended use
ED7044 ApoFlowEx FITC Kit (RUO) Differentiation of early apoptotic, necrotic and viable cells
ED7417 TregFlowEx Kit (RUO) Detection of regulatory T cells (CD4+CD25+FOXP3+)
ED7078 NKFlowEx Kit (RUO) Detection of CD69 activation marker of Natural killer (NK) cells
ED7642 T-cell BlastoFlowEx Kit (RUO) Measurement of the proliferative response of T-lymphocytes
ED7042 FagoFlowEx Kit (CE IVD) Examination of phagocytic activity of neutrophil granulocytes
ED7040 IngoFlowEx Kit (RUO) Quantification of phagocytic activity of human granulocytes and monocytes
ED7080 CD34 QuantiFlowEx Kit (CE IVD) Identification and percentage enumeration of total viable CD34+ stem cells from total viable leucocytes
ED7069 CellCycleFlowEx Kit (RUO) Cell cycle analysis using flow cytometry
ED7043 BasoFlowEx Kit (CE IVD) Cytometric examination of IgE-mediated allergic reactions



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