Infectious Diseases

GeneTex Antibodies for Virology Research

Viruses are infectious agents that are completely dependent on the host cell for their replication by utilising the cell's biochemical machinery. The basic structure of the virus particle comprises its DNA or RNA genome within a protein envelope. In some viruses, this so-called capsid is surrounded by a lipid envelope, which usually originates from the membrane of the host cell. The attachment of a virus to a specific receptor on a host cell leads to internalisation and often to the initiation of a new round of viral replication.

Antibodies for virology research

More than 200 virus species can infect humans, not including many others that infect plants and animals used by humans. GeneTex offers you an extensive catalogue of antibody reagents for the study of viral pathogens.


GeneTex’s Comprehensive Product Catalog for Viral Infectious Disease Research:

African Swine Fever Virus Chikungunya virus Coxsackievirus Dengue Virus
Ebola Virus Enterovirus D68 Enterovirus 71 Hepatitis D virus
Hepatitis C Virus Influenza virus Japanese Encephalitis Virus Lassa Virus
Norovirus Respiratory Syncytial Virus SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis Virus (VEEV)
Yellow Fever Virus Zika Virus    


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