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GeneTexAs the leading manufacturer of zebrafish antibodies, our partner GeneTex offers a catalog of 360 primary antibodies validated for essential applications.

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The zebrafish’s translucent body, high fecundity, rapid development through well-defined stages, and ease of maintenance have made it a preeminent model organism. Importantly, the zebrafish genome includes genes homologous to well over 80% of human genes linked to disease, underscoring this organism’s value for studying human pathological processes. For example, a recent Nature Communications study by Prummel et al. used zebrafish to discover that key mesothelial progenitor factors are reactivated in human mesotheliomas, a lethal cancer associated with asbestos exposure.

As the leading manufacturer of antibodies designed specifically for zebrafish, GeneTex offers a catalog of 360 primary antibodies validated for essential applications (i.e., immunohistochemistry and western blot) utilized by zebrafish researchers. In fact, the paper cited above included GeneTex’s Pax2a antibody (GTX128127) in a figure. GeneTex also remains very interested in feedback from the zebrafish scientific community regarding new targets for antibody development.


Highlighted Products

Pax2a antibody


Elavl3+4 antibody


Tp63 antibody


Gfap antibody


Sox2 antibody


Vim antibody



Histone H2A.XS139ph

(phospho Ser139) antibody


Pax6a+b antibody




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