BioChem Fluidics

High Quality Fluidic Components

Bio-Chem designs and manufactures high performance pump and valve solutions for leading instrumentation OEMs in the global Clinical Diagnostics, Analytical Chemistry, Water Quality and Medical Device markets. 
The Maestro series piston pumps from Bio-Chem Fluidics surpasses in many aspects competing products currently on the market. Maestro piston dispense pumps are characterized by their superior precision, reliability, durability and longevity.

A number of improvements have been incorporated into the development of the Maestro series in terms of mechanical design, materials and manufacturing process. All critical components are precision machined, rather than molded.

Product Range:

  • Isolation valves
  • Piston pumps
  • Micropumps
  • Mixing valves/selection valves
  • Motor valves
  • Pinch valves
  • Check valves
  • Valve Accessories

Applications for BioChem Fluidics products include:

Chromatography - The need for inert flow paths in HPLC equipment is met by BioChem Fluidics isolation and mixing valves. These miniature valves feature inert flow paths, small footprints, and extremely high precision. Applications in HPLC instruments include 2-way solenoid valves as on/off waste valves. Micropumps dispense fluids onto pistons in high-pressure pumps, for example, to ensure lubrication. Bio-Chem Fluidics valves can also be used as purge pumps, reagent pumps, switching valves as well as gradient valves.

Autosampling - Modern applications with high throughput rates require automated solutions. Bio-Chem Fluidics valves are used wherever liquids need to be distributed precisely and quickly. Our isolation valves are used in liquid handling and sample preparation units on sample needles, syringes and sample tips to accurately distribute small volumes. Autosampling is an ideal application for 3-way isolation valves and micropumps.

Blood Diagnostics - Reliability plays an important role in patient outcomes. BioChem Fluidics valves are used in diagnostic instruments worldwide. Tube pinch valves periodically supply analyzers with samples or allow sample probe flushing. Distribution and dispensing of reagents, flushing of lines, and venting are standard applications.

Medical technology - Miniature solenoid valves have a wide range of applications in medical technology. They are used in dialysis machines, for example. The adaptability of the BioChem Valve standard product line allows these valves to be used in non-standard high-purity or chemically aggressive applications.

Biotechnology - The aggressive solvents and reagents used in many biotechnology applications require a chemically compatible flow path. BioChem Fluidics miniature pumps and valves, made of high-quality polymers and elastomers, meet this requirement. They are therefore ideally suited for small volume applications where the most accurate dosing and dispensing is required (solvent selection, flow control in automated systems, autosamplers, transport of fluids to the system analyzer, etc.).

Pharmaceutical - BioChem Fluidics valves serve many engineers in the development of systems such as filling machines, clean-in-place systems, or other specialized projects. Mixing valves, for example, can be used in tablet dissolution systems as well as combinatorial chemistry.

Life Sciences - The BioChem Fluidics product line is used in a variety of demanding applications in this growth market. These include DNA research, synthesis, sequencing, manufacturing, and peptide and protein synthesis. The 2- and 3-way valves are products of choice due to their excellent sealing properties, fast response times, material composition, and reliability and reproducibility.

Environmental Analysis - BioChem Fluidics valves are used in air and water composition measurement instruments worldwide. Air quality measurement devices use tube pinch valves to create a vacuum to draw in air at specific intervals. Particle counters, environmental monitoring systems, and marine biology equipment use solenoid valves to obtain the most accurate measurements.

Agriculture/Veterinary - Applications for BioChem Fluidics valves and pumps in this field include flow control of cleaning agents, reagents, vaccines and hormones in various products. Furthermore, they are ideally suited in equipment for vaccinating animals, monitoring the health status in livestock, determining the composition of soil samples, and automating simple manual processes.

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