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In our antibody search on the dianova website, you can select 6 properties in drop-down menus and quickly find the secondary antibodies best suited to your needs.

In order to provide additional support in the selection process, we have now prepared our brochure "6 steps to the right secondary antibody" as an online selection aid. Here you will learn many useful things about the correct selection of secondary antibodies. In six steps you will be guided through the selection process and learn  important details, especially for the right choice of secondary antibodies for double stainings and multiple labeling experiments.  You will also learn how to avoid unwanted cross-reactions and eliminate background in your immunostainings.

Online Guide Secondary Antibody Search


Download Secondary Antibody Selection Guide as PDF

In our brochure "6 Steps to the Right Secondary Antibody" you will find all the information again in a compact format for reference.


Download Broschüre 6-Schritte zum richtigen Sekundärantikörper


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