Antibody Conjugation

Key Applications and Challenges

AlphaTheraWith AlphaThera's oYo-Link® technology, antibody conjugation is simple, fast, and site-specific - with as little as 1 µg of antibody per reaction needed.The entire procedure requires just two-steps and less than than 30 seconds of hands-on time. As a plus, oYo-Link® products are compatible with all common buffers.


Learn more with AlphaThera's Antibody Labeling eBooks

AlphaThera's antibody labeling experts share their knowledge about applications, challenges and effective prototyping within their informative and comprehensive eBooks.


eBook Antibody-Oligo ConjugationAntibody-oligonucleotide Conjugation: Key Applications, Challenges & The Next-Gen Technology

Antibody-oligonucleotide conjugates are becoming increasingly popular to improve assay sensitivity and specificity, and for their potential in single-cell and subcellular analysis. However the conjugation process continues to be a barrier. In this eBook we look at the key applications, the challenges and limitations of oligo conjugation, and new technologies enabling easy labeling.


eBook Effective PrototypingAchieving Rapid & Effective Prototyping for Antibody-Drug Conjugate Development

In this eBook we discuss how existing antibody labeling methods create a barrier for ADC development including limiting the high-throughput capability, and the uncertainties that arise from non-uniform antibody-drug conjugates. We also discuss the solution to overcome these barriers using site-specific conjugation that yield homogenous ADCs for rapid prototyping.


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