Site-Specific Antibody Labeling

oYo-Link® Conjugation Technology

AlphaTheraWith AlphaThera's oYo-Link® technology, antibody conjugation is simple, fast, and site-specific - with as little as 1 µg of antibody per reaction needed.The entire procedure requires just two-steps and less than than 30 seconds of hands-on time.


oYo-Link® Advantages

> Site-specific, Covalent, Harmless: Covalent labeling of an antibody’s Fc region only, with no impact on antibody binding, makes your experiments reliable and reproducible.

> Rapid & Efficient Labeling: Reactions require less than  30 seconds hands-on time, 2 hours total. Labeling is highly efficient, resulting in highly homogeneous products with one-two labels per antibody.

> Robust Antibody & Buffer Compatibility: Works with nearly all antibody species and subclasses. Reactions are insensitive to all common buffers, a wide range of pH values, and the presence of storage proteins (e.g. BSA).

> Plug and Play Conjugations: Label nearly any off-the-shelf antibody, with no preparation (i.e. desalting, concentrating). Label as little as 1 µg of antibody per reaction. Work with concentrations as low as 50 µg/mL.


Two Steps, 30 Seconds Hands-on Time, 100% Sample Recovery

Labeling with oYo-Link is simple, fast, and site-specific. The entire procedure requires just two-steps and less than than 30 seconds of hands-on time. The reaction is complete in just 2 hours. The site-specific nature of oYo-Link eliminates the shortcomings that plague conventional protein labeling techniques, such as heterogeneous products, reduced antibody functionality, and batch-to-batch variability. The high affinity, site-specific interaction between oYo-Link and the antibody allows labeling to be performed in all common storage buffers, including those containing Tris and/or BSA. Therefore, there is no need to desalt or purify your sample prior to labeling.

You can label as little as 1 µg of antibody at a time and work with antibody concentrations as low as 50 µg/mL. Therefore, you don’t need to concentrate or centrifuge your sample prior to labeling. In addition, if you don’t use all of your oYo-Link in your reaction, you can store the rest for later use. For most assays, antibody purification is not required after labeling with oYo-Link, enabling 100% sample recovery.


How oYo-Link® Works

oYo-Link reagents consist of low molecular weight (~8 kDa), high-affinity antibody-binding domains that possess a photo-crosslinker within their Fc-binding site. Upon illumination with non-damaging Black-light, oYo-Link forms a covalent bond with the antibody. Any label that is attached to oYo-Link will be covalently attached to the desired antibody.

All that is needed to label your antibody is the oYo-Link reagent and AlphaThera's LED photo-crosslinking device to perform the conjugation, or a compatible device.

The oYo-Link Antibody Labeling System can be used to site-specifically and covalently label the Fc region of almost any “off-the-shelf” antibody with biotin, drugs, click chemistry tags (e.g. azide, DBCO), epitope tags, enzymes (e.g. MNase), HyperBright™ fluorescent labels, oligonucleotides, and more.



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