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Matrices for cell maturation and culture

In cooperation with our partner companies StemBioSys and Jellagen we can offer you the latest matrix systems for 3D cell culture and expansion of your cells.


StemBioSysCELLvo™ Matrix Plus from StemBioSys

CELLvo™ Matrix Plus is the next generation of CELLvo™ Matrix technology. CELLvo™ matrices are the only substrates that aim to recapitulate biochemical as well as structural and mechanical cues of the native niche by leaving the extracellular matrix intact. Cell-derived matrices create a biologically-relevant culture environment for a variety of cell types by providing all the cues cells expect to receive in vivo in our culture dishes. This means that instead of responding to foreign culture conditions, cells respond to our customers’ experimental variables. Initially developed for pluripotent stem cell culture, we have subsequently discovered that CELLvo™ Matrix Plus is the ideal substrate for cardiomyocyte maturation and culture.

Recently published in Nature Scientific Reports, hiPSC-CMs expanded on CELLvo™ Matrix Plus were shown to promote efficient development of highly functional, biologically-relevant human cardiomyocytes useful for predicting cardiac safety of drugs in early development. (Block et al., 2020)

VIDEO: Drs. Herron and Block discuss hiPSC-CM expanded on CELLvo™Matrix Plus

CELLvo™ Matrix Plus Supports iPSC Expansion

CELLvo™ Matrix Plus Supports iPSC Expansion

Pluripotent cell expansion can be a hassle. Pre-coated plates often have a short shelf-life, and coating wells with other products can be a challenge, especially when working with small-well formats. CELLvo™ Matrix Plus arrives ready-to-use with the matrix proteins already on the surface of the dish. A brief rehydration step with PBS is the only requirement prior to seeding your cells. This eliminates potential variability from coating by hand and saves you time. In our experiments, CELLvo™ Matrix Plus supports comparable self-renewal of iPSCs relative to Matrigel, but with greater ease of use.

Differentiation Potential of MSCs

Cellvo™ Matrix Plus Improves Self-Renewal And Differentiation Potential of MSCs

Mesenchymal stem cells cultured on CELLvo™ Matrix Plus have improved self-renewal and differentiation potential relative to TCP. The figure on the right demonstrates this by CFU-F (colony formation), CFU-AD (adipogenic differentiation), and CFU-OB (osteogenic differentiation). Additionally, MSC proliferation is dramatically increased on CELLvo™ Matrix Plus, relative to other substrates.


Cardiomyocytes Form a Uniform, Structurally-Mature Monolayer after 7 Days in Culture

Cardiomyocytes form a uniform, structurally-mature, and highly-organized monolayer after 7 days in culture. Here, phalloidin staining shows the high degree of alignment of cytoskeletal components within cells and within monolayers, relative to cardiomyocytes on Matrigel. Moreover, cardiomyocytes on CELLvo™ Matrix Plus express uniformly high levels of cardiac troponin I (cTnI), relative to Matrigel. This is especially interesting considering that this gene is not expressed prenatally.


Try CELLvo™ Matrix Plus Today:

CELLvo Matrix Plus   CELLvo XF Matrix

StemBioSys will custom coat your cell culture plates and flasks with CELLvo™ Matrix Plus. Please contact info@biozol.de in case of interest.



JellagenPurified jellyfish collagen from Jellagen

JellaGel™ is a Next Generation Jellyfish Collagen Hydrogel for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering, offering customers a natural, non-mammalian alternative to mammalian and synthetic hydrogels currently on the market.

Hydrogels are an important tool in a researcher mission to grow and maintain cells successfully. Two-dimensional cell culture has been used for some time now, but growing cells in flat layers on plastic surfaces does not accurately model the in vivo state. Hydrogels allow cells to grow and interact with all of their surroundings thanks to the 3D environment. Cells grown in 3D models have proven to be more physiologically relevant, with improved cell viability, morphology, proliferation, and differentiation.

JellaGel provides customers with a biochemically simple, consistent, and easy to use hydrogel that can transform their research. One of the greatest features of JellaGel is that it can be used at room temperature meaning there is no need for ice or cold rooms, unlike some hydrogels currently on the market. JellaGel is manufactured from Jellyfish collagen, which can be defined as “collagen type 0” due to its homogeneity to the mammalian types I, II, III, V, and IX.

JellaGel jellyfish collagen


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