JellaGel™ by Jellagen®: Jellyfish Collagen Hydrogel

Next Generation Jellyfish Collagen Hydrogel for in vitro cell culture and tissue engineering

Our partner Jellagen®, an innovative marine biotechnology company, develops new innovative manufacturing processes and products using collagen derived from jellyfish to provide a next generation collagen biomaterial.

Jellagen® are delighted to introduce JellaGel™, the next generation jellyfish collagen hydrogel for invitro 3d cell culture and tissue engineering.

JellaGel will allow users to benefit from the following features:

  • Non-mammalian & disease vector free
  • Translatable from in vitro to in vivo o Batch to batch consistent
  • Easy to use material – prepare at room temperature
  • Produced in an ISO13485:2016 facility
  • Increased surface area: media ratio

Learn more about how and why Jellagen® developed JellaGel and the benefits this product can bring to your own research.

Take a look at the video tutorial: and order a sample and test:

JellaGel™ in our web shop


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