MBL Webinar

Simulating COVID-19 peptide presentation

Webinar: Simulating COVID-19 peptide presentation using the QuickSwitch™ MHC Platform

Presented by MBL Int.

DateTuesday, 13th July, at 06:00 pm (CEST)

Speaker: Join Dr. Yuri Poluektov, Research & Development Scientist


The live webinar will focus on the QuickSwitch™ MHC Platform, how it works and what the advantages are over regular tetramers. This presentation will also cover other interesting topics including:

  • MHC Class II QuickSwitch™ Platform vs. the MHC Class I QuickSwitch™ Platform.
  • Identify COVID-19 derived peptides that can be presented to the immune system with the MHC Class II QuickSwitch™ Platform.
  • Staining human cells with the MHC Class II Tetramers created using the MHC Class II QuickSwitch™ Platform.


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>> QuickSwitch™ Tetramer Platform and SARS-CoV-2 Peptides


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