MoBiTec is now a part of BIOZOL

Expansion of our molecular biology division

We are pleased to inform you that MoBiTec GmbH from Göttingen is now part of BIOZOL GmbH.
This merger enables us to offer you an even better service and an extended product range in the field of molecular biology: from purification columns for the purification of proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids to unique vector systems for protein expression in various species (not E. coli) and antibodies. 

All MoBiTec products are now available from BIOZOL. 

The MoBiTec team has already been successfully integrated into the BIOZOL family. Our dedicated employees will continue to be at your disposal to fulfil your needs in the best possible way.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our team.



MoBiTecNew product lines and partners

Founded in 1987, MoBiTec has established itself as a leading manufacturer and provider of research products for the life science, diagnostics and pharmaceutical industries.

MoBiTec is part of BIOZOL since 2024, and all products are available from BIOZOL.


Product highlights of the MoBiTec brand

Purification columns for proteins, antibodies and nucleic acids

The versatile mini columns for size exclusion and affinity chromatography have already been sold several million times worldwide. They are an integral part of many laboratory diagnostic kits for clinical routine and research.

Unique vector systems for protein expression

At MoBiTec you will find the largest selection of alternative expression systems. Choose between food-grade expression systems or advanced extracellular protein production systems and more.

Consumables for cell imaging, fluorescence reagents and unique antibodies and recombinant proteins complete the portfolio.


Through our merger with MoBiTec, a number of renowned manufacturers also complement our portfolio for molecular biology:

AnaSpec Clare Chemical Research Cyagen dextra
Echelon Biosciences Ecoli Dx Magtivio Mirus
Montana Molecular ProFoldin UBP Bio VIDIA



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