Research Cytokines

Premium Quality from Peprotech

PeproTech’s cytokines are known for outstanding quality. Their comprehensive portfolio of RUO cytokines is not only subject to a rigorous set of quality control standards but available in different sizes for convenient lab routine.


Premium Quality RUO Cytokines

Full length and fully biologically active RUO cytokines are developed in-house by our experienced protein scientists. The process starts in our molecular biology labs with gene design and expression, to cell banking, and continues to fermentation/cell culture, purification and finally QC testing.

E.coli expressed proteins:

With over 15,000 sq. ft. of fermentation, protein processing and purification facilities, PeproTech is able to meet the demands of its clients.

Cell culture expressed proteins:

With state-of-the-art cell culture and protein purification facilities, PeproTech is also able to provide glycosylated, fully biologically active proteins.

Animal-free product line:

PeproTech's Animal-Free product line is designed to minimize potential risks that can arise from trace amounts of animal-derived adventitious agents, such as viruses, TSE/BSE and unknowns.


Quality Assurance

PeproTech’s RUO cytokines are subject to a rigorous set of quality control standards, ensuring that the cytokines demonstrate consistent molecular weights, N-terminal sequences, purity and biological activity. This quality control is devoted to providing consistency between lots, purity, authenticity, and biological activity.


From Minimum to Bulk Size

All cytokines are available in many sizes between 2 µg and 1 mg. Other filling quantities are available on request. Order exactly the quantity you need!


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