BIOZOL Black Week

Save the prices from 2022 into next year!

Promotion extended: Save the prices from 2022 into next year!

The life science industry is not immune to inflation, which means that we all will be confronted with sharp price increases in some reagents for research and diagnostics from 2023 onwards. At BIOZOL you can now save the lower prices from 2022 into 2023.

How to get your orders 2023 with the low prices from 2022:

1. Place your order between November 21-30 until December 16, 2022 at BIOZOL.

2. Mention the quote Save2022 on your order, and give us the desired delivery date (calendar week) between 02.01.2023 -28.02.2023.

3. Receive your order and invoice next year, with the prices from 2022.



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