Normal Serum for IHC and IF

In stock at BIOZOL with short delivery time!

Under our own brand Linaris Histoprime, we offer not only high-quality validated antibodies, but also the corresponding blocking serum for immunohistochemistry.


Histoprime blocking serum for IHC is produced in our laboratory in Germany with serum from intra-European sources. We keep sufficient stocks of Histoprime serum at BIOZOL in Eching to ensure short delivery times. We can also provide custom fillings and pretreatments upon request.


  • IHC tested (formalin-fixed paraffin embedded and frozen sections)
  • from own production in Germany
  • heat treated at 56°C
  • customized filling and pre-treatment
  • test sera free of charge
  • in stock at BIOZOL, short delivery time!


Available species:

Histoprime Normal Chicken Serum LIN-ENC9010LIN-ENC3000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal Donkey Serum LIN-END9010, LIN-END9000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal Goat Serum LIN-ENG9010
Histoprime Normal Horse Serum LIN-ENH9010LIN-ENH2000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal MouseSerum LIN-ENM9010LIN-ENM6000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal Rabbit Serum LIN-ENK9010
Histoprime Normal Rat Serum LIN-ENR9010LIN-ENR8000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal Sheep Serum LIN-ENS9010LIN-ENS7000 (sterile)
Histoprime Normal Swine Serum LIN-ENP9010LIN-ENP4000 (sterile)


Histoprime Normal Serum


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