Anti-Llama Secondary Antibodies

Monoclonal and polyclonal secondary antibodies from SouthernBiotech

SouthernBiotechWe are excited to announce the introduction of SouthernBiotech's new monoclonal and polyclonal secondary antibodies specific to llama IgG1, IgG2/IgG3, IgM, and IgG(H+L).

SouthernBiotech anti-llama secondary antibodies are extensively characterized, affinity-purified polyclonal or monoclonal antibodies with specificities to the llama immunoglobulin heavy chain classes and subclasses as well as IgG (H+L). Anti-llama secondary antibodies are produced in goat and mouse. They are valuable in the detection of VHH antibodies and are available in a variety of formats including unconjugated and enzyme, biotinylated, and fluorescent conjugates for assays such as ELISA, western blot, flow cytometry, multiplex, and immunohistochemistry.

Since monoclonal antibodies will bind a single epitope on the antibody target, they are highly specific and deliver superior lot-to-lot consistency. Polyclonal anti-llama secondary antibodies can provide improved sensitivity through signal amplification as multiple secondary antibodies can bind to a single primary antibody. SouthernBiotech offer a broad selection of polyclonal and monoclonal anti-llama antibodies, all produced and validated in-house, for use in your VHH development.


Mouse Anti-Llama IgG1

Mouse Anti-Llama IgG2/IgG3

Mouse Anti-Llama IgM

Goat Anti-Llama IgG(H+L)


If you do not yet know how to select the right secondary antibody for your experiment, our online guide Six Steps to the Right Secondary Antibody will help you. Filter our range of over 8500 secondary antibodies easily by host species, isotype, specificity, species reactivity and conjugation.

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