Cytoskeleton MemGlow™

Fluorescent plasma membrane staining

Our partner Cytoskeleton is proud to announce the release of new, innovative probes to visualize the cellular plasma membrane.


Bright Fluorogenic  MemGlow™ Probes

MemGlow™ probes provide high photostability, exhibit excellent fluorescent quantum yields, and some of them are super-resolution compatible. MemGlow™ probes are chemically composed of cyanine or BODIPY dyes bearing zwitterionic amphiphilic anchors for enhanced retention in the plasma membrane.

The fluorogenic nature of MemGlow™ probes translates to minimal fluorescent emission until their contact with the plasma membrane elicits integration into the lipid bilayer. This characteristic creates minimal background, bright plasma membrane localization, and a no-wash-required application.

MemGlow™ probes are highly efficient and allow scientists to visualize cellular nanostructures with nanomolar probe concentrations. 

Features and advantages of MemGlow™ probes:

  • Bright and fluorogenic
  • Simple staining protocol and low working concentration
  • Compatible with live and fixed cell staining
  • Compatible with ex vivo and fixed tissue staining 
  • MemGlow 590 is super-resolution compatible
  • Non-toxic probes permit long-term imaging and re-imaging of live cells
  • Efficient labeling of filopodia and nanotubes at nanomolar concentrations
  • No dye quenching steps required
  • Do not alter sample biology


Art. Nr. Product Description
CYS-MG01 MemGlow™ 488 Fluorogenic Membrane Probe
CYS-MG02 MemGlow™ 560 Fluorogenic Membrane Probe
CYS-MG03 MemGlow™ 590 Fluorogenic Membrane Probe
CYS-MG04 MemGlow™ 640 Fluorogenic Membrane Probe
CYS-MG05 MemGlow™ 700 Fluorogenic Membrane Probe


NR Membrane Polarity Probes

NR Polarity Probes are solvatochromic photostable plasma membrane-targeting dyes. Upon binding with a plasma membrane in a predominant liquid ordered (LO) phase these probes exhibit a 45-50 nm wavelength shift relative to liquid disordered (Ld) phase enabling investigators to examine the nanoscale distribution of local chemical polarity in plasma membranes.

Art. Nr. Product Description

MemGlow™ NR4A Membrane Polarity Probe

The NR4A Membrane Polarity Probe is the first probe that enables nanoscale cartography of the lipid order exclusively at the surface of live cells. Weak Binders allow for better tracking of turn on events thanks to continuous flow exchange between the probe and membrane.


MemGlow™ NR12A Membrane Polarity Probe

The NR12A Probe is a long-chain probe with strong membrane binding. Obtain high quality 3D Confocal Images of the Membrane Surface.

CYS-MG08 MemGlow™ NR12 A Membrane Polarity Probe


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